ITbackup Services

Server failure or data loss can be a nightmare for a business. Through CoreNetworks ITBackup service , we create backups of your systems, whether they are servers or workstations and provide the best disaster recovery solution out ther. This way you will not worry about business continuity of your business.

Data Protection

The Backup files are originally encrypted with a unique key that only you know and you own it. Then the data are transferred at times that your network is not used by the users to our own nodes for storage (offsite backup).

The Backup files are originally encrypted with a unique key that only you know and you own. Then transferred to our own nodes for storage (offsite backup), when your network is least used. The Backup is readily available to all of our nodes, so their availability is guaranteed.



If any of your protected systems is found with a problem, you can have your systems running (Online) from Backup imediattley .

  1. On your site on your own server.
  2. In to CoreNetworks system, if there is a hardware problem on your server.

    In the second case you will have to use the unique key that you own in order to unlock the backups. The decrypted backup and automatically retrieved on our servers and brought back to life within minutes.

    Then we interconnect your network with that of the server which is recovered. Afterwords you may continue to operate as if nothing had happened. No need to make any changes to your network.

    Correcting the hardware problem on the server on your own hardware can now be done without any time pressure.

    What is that makes the ITbackup service the best choice;

    • Encrypted data with a unique key.
    • Instant data recovery.
    • Disaster Recovery in a very short time
    • More than one location for Backing up your data in different geographic locations.
    • Every 30 days we perform full Virtualization Test, to test the viability of your data Backup.