In the world of Telephony, the IP private branch exchange (IPBX) solution is the least expensive in comparison to any other conventional PBX technologies out there.

Cost of ownership

• Low cost of calls
• low cost for the hardware
• low cost of ownership
• endless possibilities


The conclusion is obvious. IPBX is a one-way road nowadays for businesses that want to have full control of their Phone bills and therefore support their capital investment.

Yes Open Source

Our solutions are based on the Open Source Software Asterisk. This is an ideal solution for any number of users in a company. It can expand to any number of users or facilities, seamlessly interconnecting them to a single entity.


The final solution offered to our customers is always a combination of all the new technologies the market has to offer. We analyze the requirements in accordance with the available technologies and their limits. Automation solutions (door opening from your mobile phone), call centers, fax server technologies and others are implemented under very high security standards and under a very strict deadline.

  • VoiceMail to Email

    Convert voice message to your answering machine to an e-mail message

  • Support for IP/Video-Phones

    Any phone device that supports voip or SCCP protocol can be installed on our Telephony systems.

  • Conference Rooms

    multiple virtual ceonference rooms are availiable. You can call your coworkers or customers to participate on them, all at the same time. You have the possibility of voice recording during those sessions, without the need of purchasing expensive equipment.

  • Use of multiple Providers

    By using multiple providers to terminate calls, we have the ability to provide least cost routing, to the provided services. In a few words we can select the cheapest outgoig route for every call, while at the same time we support high availiability for calls.

  • Support for Paging and Intercom

    You may make an anouncement to all phones at the same time, by using the phones loudspeakers. No extra hardware is required.

  • Fax, fax to email

    You can have incoming Faxes per user, per group, per Company. Incoming faxes are converted to e-mail messages and delivered to the appropriate user, according to predefined rules.


The tools available for Call analysis, provide all the detail that one might want from a call. We are able to summarize, add call costs, select routing provider and other through a very descriptive web interface. Call analysis is the key in supporting a high call volume low cost IPBX system.

Call Statistics

By analyzing call statistics (Channel usage Reports) and cost analysis (Billing report) reports we are able to choose the least cost routing solution specifically for every outgoing call.
The per user analysis report allows the creation of a high or low-cost user profiles enabling the individual to manage these connections through alternative Voice providers. For Example, for calls abroad we could use multiple VOIP providers to lower billing costs and zero initial installation costs. Something which is not possible with simple conventional Telephone centers.

Mobile Office

By associating the user’s phone number with his/hers email address, we are able to direct all Voicemail, missed calls, etc. traffic to his/hers e-mail. There is no longer the need for a secretary, everything can be programmed on the PBX to respond automatically to calls.
Users with Android or IOS mobile devices can have their office on their phone. Their E-mail and private office phone numbers are now available at no additional costs for hardware and software on your mobile. Liberating in this way the boundaries of your office and the time you spend with in-house communication.

Our team having great experience in complex installations, with large user databases are able to deliver a fully functional system under strict deadlines and always on time.
Usually the users will need to take their time upon using something new. We will be there for them and provide the necessary support in order to utilize the full functionality of the delivered system.