Automating your Buisness

Transparent Support


IP Public Exchange System Solutions

Using the latest Technologies

We support any Operating System


Reduce significantly the operating costs of your business by outsourcing all of your technical services. See what is like to have your fully staffed IT department at your disposal.


We Design and Support IT networks by using the latest tools and flexible technologies availiable at any time. We analyze your current IT network and systems. We promote simplicity but with low cost for hardware and support.


We have automated our technical services for the support of your network and systems. Our certified personel will test and verify correct network and systems usage. Proactive management of all systems 24 hour a day.


We design and install IP Telephony systems based on open source Software asterisk . We build high availiable systems with high level parametrozation which allows the creation of a virtual office for any small or large buisness.


We design solutions based on Linux or Microsoft by adding transparent management capabilities to the buisness. We use the best elements of both Operating systems to provide robust and cost effective solutions.

Network Management

Network management solutions using ZENOSS , ZABBIX Network management systems. We provide and support a highlly configurable environement for all your IT need. Mail, sms, voice notifications are all tools at your disposal.


Smart Backup solutions utilizating only the best tools. Backup technical services focused on Daily Backup On-site or Off-site with high security in mind and fast recovery . All data are Encrypted .