Technical Support

CoreNetworks makes it easier than ever to manage the technical needs of a company through its technical support services. It’s like having your own technical department. Think what you could do with your own fully staffed technical department?

For many small businesses owners, having a fully stuffed technical support department is simply not a viable solution.

Our company can offer an alternative that can help your company to fill this gap.

CoreNetworks provides the best solution for companies that need comprehensive technical support, but may not have the time, budget, skill set or simply do not want the concerns for managing an IT department

We offer a combination of technologies and services to give your business an affordable and convenient way to manage and maintain critical IT systems. Without the worries, time and technological knowledge required from you for these great ease.

Customised Services


Proactive monitoring of your network computer systems in order to resolve issues before they become critical. Through undertaking network and systems surveillance 27/7 service and management, you will not have to worry about small problems grow into something that could disturb the operation of your business.


Automatic inventory of all of your systems and personal computers. Inspect systems for events that are out of the ordinary, invole alarms in predefined trigers. You will immediately know if something goes wrong and requires your immediate attention.


Select and install the appropriate security patches in order to sustain functionality of installed systems. Patches are pieces of software that complement programs or operating system, as is necessary in order to repair or optimize them.


Regular preventive maintenance is another option for managing network services. Designed to keep your system in peak operating performance by performing basic troubleshooting functions. Daily routine work by our technical support Department, including the hard disk defragmentation, temp file and delete Cookies, cleaning the registry, reduction and control of log files are some of the processes carried out for the smooth operation of the systems.


Detailed management reports on monthly scheduled period update on the overall health and condition of the systems. You will always know the exact status of your system, including all the issues have been corrected.


Our services are provided with predictable IT budget and reduced prices in the case where additional support is required-requested. This makes the cost of our services extremely easy to manage, even for smaller businesses with limited budgets and IT.